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Pancake Batter Dispenser

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Cupcake Decorating Kit

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Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Baking Pan Set

(12 & 24 Mini Cup Sizes)

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  Stainless Steel Measuring   Cups & Spoons Set

(7 Cups and 7 Spoons Set)

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         Russian Piping Tips          Cake Decorating Kit

(105 Piece Cake Decorating Kit)

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This is a great "invention"!

First of all, I'm sorry that I didn't discover this product years ago!! This product is unique in that it does more than just dispense pancake batter - cake mixes, too. When making my traditional birthday "ice-cream-cone" cupcakes for my children (now adults, but they still expect them), I've always dreaded the task. What a timesaver (and mess eliminator) this product provides!! This is a great "invention" ! I love it, and highly recommend it!



Amazon Client

Best Muffin Pans I could ever own!

These work perfectly, wished I could give it ten stars! I have the single cupcake cups but these are better, a muffin pan is easier when you have small kids & bake a lot in my opinion. Fast shipping, did a pre wash and used right away. They did't have a funny smell to them at all. I have also used both muffin pans to make little jello cups, they came out perfectly also. I did not grease the pans due to them being silicone nothing should stick to them and my cupcakes came out easy and clean. Clean up was very easy nothing left behind but a very small amount of residue from the cake batter. I bet 1 of my kids will be happy when I make corn muffins cause she always cuts hers in half so the mini muffin pan will be just what I need for her. I am very HAPPY I have these I am now looking for any cake pans like these muffin pans cause the holidays are coming (Christmas & Thanksgiving) I make a ton of cakes.



Amazon Client

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